What Kind of Care is Needed

What Kind of Care is Needed

What Kind of Care is NeededPeople are living longer, thanks to great assistance from the medical community but sometimes that means they are not quite as capable of managing their everyday lives. They may be having some issues with managing their essential grooming needs, including bathing regularly, dressing in fresh clothing, and managing all of their bathroom needs. These are all part of what are called the “Activities of Daily Living”. Perhaps they are having difficulty with getting up or down from bed or their favorite chair or are unsteady when walking or have had some recent falls.

Perhaps they may need some help with medication management, food preparation and just some light housekeeping or driving assistance. Sometimes it is not so much the physical needs but they are forgetting the day and the duties that they have carried out for years on their own. Of course the sons or daughters may recognize their parents’ needs sooner than Mom or Dad want to admit, or agree to.

All of these are serious issues and need to be dealt with. One cannot hope that Mom or Dad will improve their situation without some intervention or assistance. It usually does not happen that way. Usually the family must step in to insist that their care needs are met. Many times they are met with much resistance. Sometimes the senior is aware that help is needed, just not sure what exactly. In many cases the family feels that same confusion.

There are many choices and I will outline some of them here.

  • Independent Living – In a facility where the senior is self-sufficient, but some or all meals are provided through facility. Usually activities and other seniors provide emotional support.
  • Assisted Living – In a facility with additional levels of service, and each level is another group of services and it is charged as such.
  • Memory Care – This facility includes all of the above services, with additional levels of service and a locked facility for safety of the individuals.
  • In-Home Care – This is one on one care and is provided in people’s own homes, with the number of hours based on the needs of the client. It would include all of the duties listed above.
  • Board and Care Homes – Complete in home assistance usually in private home settings with 5-6 people. Usually they have several caregiver that take care of all their needs.

Judy Horvath, CSA, Certified Senior Advisor, is the owner operator of Tender Heart Home Care. Tender Heart is headquartered in the Danville, San Ramon area and provides Seniors with in-home care. For further information, please call 925-838-4444 or email judyh@atenderheart.com.