Why Choose Tender Heart Home Care?

Why Choose Tender Heart Home Care? The referred caregivers at Tender Heart are the real HEART of Tender Heart. Most of our caregivers tend to stay with Tender Heart for long periods of time, as long as there is work available for them. As independent domestic workers, they have many choices. We believe they choose to be referred by Tender Heart for good reasons. We believe in them and the qualities that they provide to the precious people we serve. They are deserving of the utmost respect and are given this by the our team and the clients that they serve. Obviously they are invaluable to Tender Heart.

Quality of the Caregivers

  • Carefully selected — long interview process including Behavioral Event interviewing questions to ensure compatibility with the values and expectations of Tender Heart. Complete background checks—criminal, DMV, professional and personal reference checks are done, complete social security screening.
  • Last test is the “Mom” test – we will not place someone in a client’s home that we would not place with our own parents.
  • All caregivers must have at least 2-3 years of actual caregiving experience. If they have not had at least 2 years of actual experience then they are not referred.
  • Many caregivers are CNAS and some are HHAs .
  • We are able to offer a reasonable and good wage to the caregiver so therefore, that can mean that good caregivers come and stay with our organization for a good long while. Since they are the face of who Tender Heart is, we feel very fortunate to have a high quality of caregiving available to our clients.

Family Owned and Operated

  • Tender Heart Home Care is owned and operated with a personal touch. Being Family owned and operated, we are local and will respond to calls whenever they come in. Responsiveness is a principle that we adhere to very strictly.
  • Having had a background in both the social science arena, as well as the management of resources in the business world the matching and responding to needs of our clients is of utmost importance and a very natural fit.
  • Finally we believe that RESPECT FOR THE INDIVIDUAL as all individuals and families are unique, is the key in finding the right match. The use of “HEART” , as the guiding factor in choosing the correct person for each client is crucial.


  • To our clients – we strive to provide the highest quality caregiver to every client we serve. Tender Heart Home Care’s personal guarantee is that we are never satisfied until they are satisfied. The most important part of our service is the “heart” that we put into each match that we make between client and caregiver.
  • To our caregivers – we strive to provide a good work environment, responsiveness to their needs, and a fair wage to each of our independent caregivers.
  • Tender Heart strives to offer the highest quality caregivers, while keeping costs as reasonable as possible.