Our History

Tender Heart Home Care was founded in 2003 by Judy Horvath and Ron Horvath as a silent partner. Tender Heart was founded on premise of providing the highest quality of caregivers to all the families that they served. While going through the process of initiating a service oriented company, it became apparent that only those with the highest standards of ethics and integrity, and heart would qualify to be referred through this agency.

Judy Horvath began as a hospital social worker and spent many years in both the educational setting as a teacher as well as the business world. As a business professional, it was in the area of matching services to the needs of the clients that her knowledge of both sides’ needs, became extremely important. It was then , that she found that dealing with various types of people and a wide range of needs that she ascertained that matching the right person with the right client was a skill that required a special talent.

As her Mom was ever in her heart while she had been searching for the highest quality of care for her, she also found that all families essentially wanted the same type of high quality caring individual for each of their loved ones. Each of these precious individuals wants what all of their families want for them, respect and good kind care. A good caregiver is someone who offers their clients the most relevant and respectful insight, who can try to look past some of the glaring issues that make dealings difficult, to the heart of who that person is, to assist them in the art of living .